Ned Davis Research Group: Upgrading the look of a research powerhouse


Ned Davis Research Group

Upgrading the look of a research powerhouse 

The challenge

Ned Davis Research Group has been providing trusted, independent investment research to their clients for decades but hadn’t revisited their visual communications for almost as long. Word from the field was that their materials were no longer up to the job in an increasingly savvy marketplace—too much information & inconsistent design confused readers and was hard to navigate. Their data was best in class, but their design fell short.

That’s where we came in.

Publication template: Rethinking the way Ned Davis Research Group organizes information and visualizes data.


The result

We streamlined the design of their publications and charts to give them a best-in-class product that reflects the quality of their financial research. Starting with their monthly publications, we designed a modernized color palette and an icon style, standardized the typography to implement a clear hierarchy, and simplified the layout to organize the publications into scannable zones. The charting style also got a revamp to include only the most relevant information for easy comprehension. The result is a design that is current, in-line with industry standards, and makes the content clear to both advisors and individual investors. What’s more, a style manual and InDesign templates make it easy for them to implement going forward.


Icon series: Part of a library designed to highlight key information in publication templates


After… and before

The original charts were dated, unfocused, used software-generated colors and were generally hard to digest. We analyzed the data they needed to communicate, simplified the chart architecture, stripped away unnecessary information, and removed visual clutter. Applying the new brand color palette and typography styling makes them part of the NDR family while chart keys and disclosure benefit from standardized placement. Perhaps most importantly, we designed several ways to highlight information within charts and we introduced the use of headlines with a key takeaway—all to make even the most complex charts understood at a glance.

Chart redesign: Streamlined and modernized charting for easier comprehension


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