Meet the founders


Meet the founders.

Frank Gitro

Frank is known for his spirited enthusiasm and his ability to visually articulate solutions to complex problems.

He has spent more than 20 years working for both in-house corporate design teams and boutique agencies in New York, London and Paris, where he enjoys hunting for answers to design problems in unexpected places. He draws on this experience with every project but it's particularly useful when forging design solutions that need to be effective internationally. 

Good design makes your life easier. Bad design gets in your way. 

Is proud of:
His instincts for determining what clients really need and for finding sincere ways to connect with them both personally and professionally. 

Is known for:
Being an incessant doodler.

Wants you to know:
Candice is his favorite designer.

Career turning point:
When he was awarded the first of seven consecutive annual reports for Citi, his biggest project by far with four million copies distributed worldwide.

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Candice Stern

Candice approaches her design projects like elaborate puzzles: by jumping in, sleuthing her way through problems and coming up with the most appropriate and elegant solutions. 

Before launching Frankenstern, Candice worked in small design studios, big agencies, Fortune 500 corporations and her own successful design firm, mastering her craft while winning over appreciative clients along the way. 

Her 25 years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the corporate world have helped to hone her technique and have only heightened her enthusiasm. Candice is proud to spend her days collaborating with Frank Gitro, her longtime design doppelgänger. 

Design thrives on restrictions.

Design mantra:
Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Is known for:
Using her visual problem-solving expertise to help clients resolve real-world business challenges.

Career turning point:
Growing her own successful design firm, built almost entirely on referrals from happy clients.

Wants to share:
She loves pugs.

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